Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Truly Custom Coils

If you operate in a business or industry with very specific coil needs that are not easily met by standard products on the market, you need to order custom coils that can meet the exact specifications of your application. If you’re ordering custom coils, you want to purchase them from a manufacturer who you can trust to provide you with a standard of quality that you need. In that case, you need Sag Harbor Industries. As a well established and industry leading producer of custom coils, you can trust us to engineer and manufacture the best coils for your product.

If you choose to order custom coils from Sag Harbor, you’ll notice the customer focused nature of our approach to every project. We build a relationship with our customers and take their feedback very seriously as we develop a product for them. From design specifications to the exact materials used to construct the coils, we keep a steady stream of communication between ourselves as the manufacturer and you as the vendor. You can expect us to treat you less like a customer and more like a partner throughout the duration of your custom coil project. You can also take advantage of our unique value added services like 24 hour response time, RoHS compliance and on-site communication. We provide this added support as a compliment to all of the quality products that we offer.

We stand out from the competition by employing a set of principles that has more than just the bottom line in mind. While we want to provide you with affordable solutions, we also know that the cheapest option isn’t always the best, so we focus on quality. Our products aren’t just assembled in America, they’re actually made in America, a choice that harkens back to our founding in 1946 as a truly American company for American industries. We’re proud to contribute to the local workforce and be a small part of the national economy.

Contact Sag Harbor Industries today to discover our custom coil capabilities and request a quote for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Field Coils Made Right Here In The USA

Sag Harbor Industries Inc. is a unique company because we’ve been manufacturing high quality coils right here in America since 1946. Ever since, we’ve been creating coils with unprecedented craftsmanship. Founded by Charles Edison, the son of the innovative Thomas Edison, Sag Harbor has always prided itself on using the best technology to create the best products of industries across the country. Just like our founder and his father, we continue to pursue innovation in design, manufacturing and production. Our customers trust us to provide innovative solutions that are customized to meet their needs. Among the many products that we manufacture are field coils.

Field coils are used to generate a magnetic field a an electromagnetic rotating machine like a generator or motor. In this setup, a rotator spins around a stator, and this creates a continuous loop of magnetism between the two. Generators and AC motors almost always use field coils to create and maintain their magnetic field during operation. Field coils are usually wound with a magnetic or a copper coil around a core. Low resistance materials are important to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed. Field coils are used in magnetic shields, sensors and other applications with very high accuracy magnetic fields are required.

Sag Harbor’s precision fit winding coils are available with free form specialization for any client. We offer fine wire or heavy duty power coils, and then can be edge wound, strap wound, flat wound, layer wound and even random wound. Among many other types, we offer field coils that are: encapsulated, glass taped, tape wrapped, injection molding, transfer molded and loose wound.

We’ve been in the business of manufacturing high quality coils for over 65 years, so you can be sure that our customized designs and top notch materials will result in a coil that works perfectly with your product. Don’t hesitate today to learn more about our products, request a quote, or ask us a question! We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with a perfect coil solution. Be sure to browse the pages  on our website for more information.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Understanding Analog Circuits

At Sag Harbor Industries, one of the products that we manufacture and supply to various industries is a magnetic coil. Magnetic coils are a key component in what is known as an analog circuit. An analog circuit can be found in a lot of older technology, like TV or radio antennas. We still use analog technology, but things are becoming increasingly digital. However, very common technology that we use every day like the car radio harnesses analog signals to perform its function. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at how an analog circuit works and why a magnetic coil is so important to the process. Let’s take a closer look!

Depending on the device, an analog circuit can either be very complex or very simple. A series of caps, resistors, coils, diodes and other basic electronic components need to be arranged together in a very specific way to create a functional device. In the midst of this set up, a magnetic coil is placed to transfer the electric current and create a magnetic field. This current passing through the magnetic coil is increased by the number of times the wire is turned, meaning that the more times the wire is turned the greater the size of the magnetic field will be. The magnetic core at the center of the coil is what helps to create such a strong magnetic field in the surrounding area. The point of a magnetic coil is usually to exert mechanical force on something so that the desired reaction happens or the desired machinery is activated. A time varying element can be added to the magnetic coil to create pulses of voltage for intermittent activation.

This is a very basic overview of how a magnetic coil functions in a magnetic circuit. There are many more complexities, but suffice it to say that a magnetic coil is very important to many analog functions. To learn more about Sag Harbor Industries and our unique manufacturing capabilities, visit our website or give us a call toll free at 1-800-724-5952. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Full Service Electric Coils from Sag Harbor Industries Inc.

As a premier coil winding manufacturer, Sag Harbor Industries offers more than generic electric coils. Our coils are made using quality materials in an automated coil winding process, and these can be fully customized to address the specifications of your application. Because we begin every project with a customer focused approach, we know that the most value is created when you get exactly what you are looking for. Different environments call for different designs, and we believe in making things that last, no matter where they will be used. We have been in business since 1946, and craftsmanship and customer service have always been central to our work. Evidence of this commitment can be seen in our company’s success and our expertise in the industry.

For electric coils, our services include: custom wound and finished coils, prototype and production quantities, turnkey and kitted opportunities, insulation systems, encapsulation and molding options. Our engineering support team can gather the necessary information about your product and then work to create something functional that includes the features you are looking for. We can develop prototypes for you to test in your application, and then scale up to full production run offs once we have created an electric coil that works for you. This value-added service helps you discover what you need and saves you money by creating something that is both durable and functional.

We have served industries like aerospace, military and automotive because they trust our process and they know that we can manufacture the best electric coils at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour response time when customers need our feedback or support. At Sag Harbor, we do everything we can to be efficient because we know that your business never stops. We’ll optimize our production process to keep costs low and save time without compromising the quality of your electric coils.

To request a quote or inquire about our various products and services, call 1 (800) 724-5952. We would be happy to answer your questions and offer advice. Find out for yourself what the Sag Harbor advantage is all about!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Exactly Do Air Coils Do?

An air coil is a special type of electromagnetic coil that is able to cause induction without using any ferromagnetic material. At the center of the coil is literally just a pocket of air. This is why it is also sometimes referred to as an “air core coil”. Because they are capable of handling such high frequencies, air coils are used for applications like microwaves where their high tolerance is still very important. Many military and aerospace devices also utilize air coil technology because the inductance caused by air coils is not disrupted by changes in the current.

Coils that are made with ferromagnetic coils tend to reach a peak even a moderate magnetic field strengths. In contrast, air coils have a very high range and can accommodate greater strengths. Most radios rely on air coils to help them transmit a clear signal. Air coils are also totally unaffected by “iron losses”. Iron losses affect ferromagnetic coils to a higher and higher degree as the frequency rises, so eliminating these all together with an air coil increases efficiency and limits distortion.

Due to the absence of a high permeability core, air coils are made with larger turns to facilitate the right inductance value. This isn’t really a problem at all when you are dealing with high frequencies, because you don’t need inductance in those situations. To limit any loss of energy that is caused due to presence of nearby electromagnetic radiation, air coils can be wrapped in a screen that provides protection.

Whether your product needs air coils, or some other type of electromagnetic coil, Sag Harbor Industries Inc. has the right solution for you. We can design and manufacture custom coils in a timely manner. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment makes us ready to meet all of your needs and produce coils in high and medium order volumes. All of our products are 100% made in the USA. For over 65 years, Sag Harbor has been offering high quality electromagnetic solutions, so you can trust our experience and expertise. Call us today at 1 (800) 724-5952.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Inductors in Radio Equipment

The name “inductor” is just another term from an electrical coil. An inductor has two terminals and it passively resists changes in the electric current. The inductor stores energy in the magnetic field while the current is being applied. Voltage is induced only when the current passing through the inductor changes. Most inductors are built with a magnetic core that helps to increase the magnetic field and enamel coated wire is wrapped around the core to increase the magnetism. Inductors of varying sizes are used in a wide variety of common electrical applications, including radios. Inductors in radio equipment allow for an alternating current that is free from interference.

The inductors that are used in radio equipment are extremely small; sometimes they are only a few millimeters across and consist of a few small turns of wire. Because a radio is essentially an AC (alternating current) application, an inductor is necessary to make sure that the device reacts properly to AC signals of different frequencies. Without this small component, the radio would not be able to handle all of the variations in the incoming frequencies and it would be totally useless. As mobile electronic devices that use radio frequencies have become smaller and smaller, engineers have had to find ways to develop even smaller inductors. Some inductors are now just a fraction of a millimeter in length, making them small enough to be integrated into a circuit board without taking up the limited space in a mobile device.

At Sag Harbor Industries, we specialize in manufacturing inductors for a wide variety of products and applications. If the inductor you need doesn’t already exist in our line of products, we can work with you to create a custom inductor. Our design and engineering team is capable of creating a perfect customized solution for your needs. Once we’ve come up with a working prototype, we will put an optimized manufacturing process in place to make your custom inductors as efficiently as possible. We do all of this because we want to put our customers first by being flexible enough to meet their needs. That’s the Sag Harbor advantage.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why You Need High Voltage Coils

Electromagnetic coils carry an electrical current from point A to point B to create a reaction that activates a device. Depending on the power source, the voltage that is passing through the coil can vary greatly. In some applications, like a car’s ignition system, the voltage is very high. To control and conduct this electricity, the system needs high voltage coils that are capable of safely using the energy. At Sag Harbor industries, we manufacture high voltage coils that are perfectly suited to your application. We can even work with your product engineers to develop a customized coil setup that works with your new product.

When it comes to working with electricity, safety should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. Too many preventable accidents take place every year because of poor electrical engineering or the use of components that cannot handle high volumes of electrical current. When you work with the experts at Sag Harbor, you’ll find that we take our manufacturing approach very seriously to produce quality products that operate efficiently in under any conditions.

As we mentioned above, high voltage coils can be found in the ignition system of a car. The coil helps to convert voltage from the car battery into sparks that are produced by the spark plugs to ignite the engine when the driver turns the key. The ignition coil is usually encased in epoxy or oil to help insulate and contain the high voltage that passes through when the battery is activated. Ignition coils are made to be strong and durable, not only to withstand the high voltage that passes through them, but also to continue working in the harsh conditions of a vehicle in any weather. A high voltage ignition coil is subject to heat, extreme cold, moisture, corrosion and a host of other variables.

Sag Harbor Industries manufacturers high voltage coils for clients in the automotive industry, as well as many other industries with high voltage power sources. Contact us today to learn how our expert engineers and technicians can create a customized coil setup for your product, or how one of our standard products could be used in your business.