Sunday, May 31, 2015

High Voltage Coils

In response to the growing need of reliable coils, SAG Harbor Industries continuously researches and innovates to create the most cost effective and reliable products. As technology advances, a majority of newer applications require very strict power requirements and SAG Harbor is always adapting to the changing needs of the market.

Products that require low maintenance are easier for electric coil manufacturers to design more versatile coils. By equipping the coils with reinforced insulation, high voltage coils can be specialized to improve the quality and reliability of the coils. There are several methods of insulating electric coils, but one popular method is called vacuum pressure impregnation.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation removes air, moisture and gas from the high voltage electrical coil while offering better heat distribution across the entire system. By providing an insulating epoxy, polyester or silicone resin in this type of electric coil insulation method, the lifespan, durability, and resistance to chemicals are greatly improved.

There are two primary types of high voltages coil which include Tesla coils and ignition coils. The average automotive ignition coil generally has an output of 30,000 volts and is known for its relativity inexpensive design. High powered Tesla coils can typically generate many megawatts of electricity and these products have a long history of experimentation for providing wireless energy. This technology has been heavily researched, but the concept of applying wireless energy to everyday applications has never taken full effect.

As technology advances, so do the creators and problem solvers in electric coil manufacturing.