Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting to know Step Down Transformers

Step down transformers are often used to power appliances in other countries, they are also mostly used in power generating stations in order to increase the voltage while decreasing the current. These transformers can come in handy for traveling Americans as certain appliances such as a microwave are not quite as popular in foreign countries as they are here in America. In fact, some countries don’t even sell them. However, if you find yourself in a foreign land and have a need to use your microwave, a step down transformers is needed. These transformers allow for a decrease in voltage of electric currents to an acceptable level for the appliance.

As stated before they are often used in power generating plants for long distance transmission lines. The high voltages are paired with low currents and when the current reaches the receiving end, the voltage is lowered and the current is then increased in order to power the needed device. Because of their higher efficiency and lower losses these transformers are ideal for lowering voltage levels until they are right for home or business use. Smaller versions of these transformers can be used in televisions, electric razors and other portable electronic devices in order to the prevent short circuits or preventing the product from catching fire.

The transformer works through the electrical wiring that is around an electromagnet and by transferring the electrical energy through two coil stages. The first coil typically contains more wiring, while the second coil has fewer, this allows for the reduction in output voltage. Through this intricate system high voltage is converted to low current power and low voltage can be converted into high current power.