Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Exactly Do Air Coils Do?

An air coil is a special type of electromagnetic coil that is able to cause induction without using any ferromagnetic material. At the center of the coil is literally just a pocket of air. This is why it is also sometimes referred to as an “air core coil”. Because they are capable of handling such high frequencies, air coils are used for applications like microwaves where their high tolerance is still very important. Many military and aerospace devices also utilize air coil technology because the inductance caused by air coils is not disrupted by changes in the current.

Coils that are made with ferromagnetic coils tend to reach a peak even a moderate magnetic field strengths. In contrast, air coils have a very high range and can accommodate greater strengths. Most radios rely on air coils to help them transmit a clear signal. Air coils are also totally unaffected by “iron losses”. Iron losses affect ferromagnetic coils to a higher and higher degree as the frequency rises, so eliminating these all together with an air coil increases efficiency and limits distortion.

Due to the absence of a high permeability core, air coils are made with larger turns to facilitate the right inductance value. This isn’t really a problem at all when you are dealing with high frequencies, because you don’t need inductance in those situations. To limit any loss of energy that is caused due to presence of nearby electromagnetic radiation, air coils can be wrapped in a screen that provides protection.

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