Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Truly Custom Coils

If you operate in a business or industry with very specific coil needs that are not easily met by standard products on the market, you need to order custom coils that can meet the exact specifications of your application. If you’re ordering custom coils, you want to purchase them from a manufacturer who you can trust to provide you with a standard of quality that you need. In that case, you need Sag Harbor Industries. As a well established and industry leading producer of custom coils, you can trust us to engineer and manufacture the best coils for your product.

If you choose to order custom coils from Sag Harbor, you’ll notice the customer focused nature of our approach to every project. We build a relationship with our customers and take their feedback very seriously as we develop a product for them. From design specifications to the exact materials used to construct the coils, we keep a steady stream of communication between ourselves as the manufacturer and you as the vendor. You can expect us to treat you less like a customer and more like a partner throughout the duration of your custom coil project. You can also take advantage of our unique value added services like 24 hour response time, RoHS compliance and on-site communication. We provide this added support as a compliment to all of the quality products that we offer.

We stand out from the competition by employing a set of principles that has more than just the bottom line in mind. While we want to provide you with affordable solutions, we also know that the cheapest option isn’t always the best, so we focus on quality. Our products aren’t just assembled in America, they’re actually made in America, a choice that harkens back to our founding in 1946 as a truly American company for American industries. We’re proud to contribute to the local workforce and be a small part of the national economy.

Contact Sag Harbor Industries today to discover our custom coil capabilities and request a quote for your next project. We look forward to working with you!