Friday, September 4, 2015

The Danger of Solar Flares

Solar Flares are a growing topic among those in the scientific fields; these cosmic storms have the potential to cause a great deal of havoc to our planet. Now the amount of damage that these storms will cause all depends on who you ask. Some say that we could see the end of the world thanks to these solar flare storms others say we won’t see anything more than auroras across the sky.

While these storms are still somewhat of a questionable topic, the fact of the matter is that they carry consequences with them. We may be unsure of the scale of damage these consequences may have, there is no denying that they could cause a big disruption to our everyday life. There have been some minor storms that have already hit earth, but they didn’t result in anything more than auroras across the sky. If these storms were larger power grids, GPS, electric transformers and radio communications may fail.

One electric transformer being knocked out is not that big of a deal, those affected would be annoyed until it was fixed. But if hundreds of these transformers were knocked offline there would be major problems. So for now be glad that these storms have remained small and only provide us with spectacular light shows.