Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Power of Electric Transformers

Electric transformers provide a safe way to bring electricity into our homes and power the things that we use in our everyday life. From our televisions to our kitchen appliances these machines convert the volts coming from our outlets to our electrical devices. The issue lies in that electricity is pumped out from power plants in large volumes and need to be converted down in order to be suitable for our electrical appliances. Many phone chargers carry small electric transformers in order to convert the electricity into a safe capacity to our phone batteries.

There are many different types of transformers due to the nature of the application. Zig Zag transformers for example, are a three phase power transformer that has the ability to filter and control harmonic currents and be used underground. The underground systems are useful in order to protect against earth faults.

Zig Zag transformers can offer numerous benefits over other transformers. They tend to be a simplistic design which makes them low in cost and can be easily installed onto existing systems. By keeping neutral currents local, these transformers are able to eliminate the need for large neutral wiring. They also improve the fundamental load current. While they are low cost, another cheaper alternative is the delta-wire transformer. The only issue being that this model is less effective than the zig zag model in some applications due to higher internal impedance.