Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sag Harbor Industries - Coils

Coils are used in many electromagnetic, electromechanical and electrical applications that are needed in almost every industry you can imagine. From clocks to cars to medical equipment, coils are an essential part of many complex or simple items that we use on a daily basis.

An electromagnetic coil is formed when a conductive metal is wrapped around a core to create electromagnetic waves. This is necessary in situations where electrical currents interact with magnetic fields, like in a transformer on a power line. The shape of the coil increases the strength of the electromagnetic field when a current passes through it.

An electromechanical coil, perhaps known more commonly as a solenoid, uses a similar process. The purpose of the solenoid is to create a controlled magnetic field. The coil in a solenoid is usually wound around a steel or iron core. The level of control made possible by a solenoid can be very useful at short ranges because of its very quick response time. Fuel injectors in a car, for example, are usually controlled by solenoid so that they can turn on or off based on the demands made by the person driving the car. As soon as the ignition is turned to the ON positon, the fuel injectors need to be activated to send fuel to the engine, and they need to stop the moment the ignition is turned off again.

Electrical coils use all of the principles discussed above, but they are the most basic form of a coil. They can be made out of various kinds of metal based on their conductivity needs, and can be found in common units like household appliances.

The coils that are manufactured at Sag Harbor Industries are sold to clients in many lines of work. Our coils are all made right here in the USA, and we offer solutions for every possible type of application, from solenoid to electrical to molded coils and more! We even manufacture self-supported coils that can be used in irregular or uncommon applications. Because Sag Harbor Industries has been a trusted manufacturer of coils for 70 years, we are known for the quality and high level of performance that comes with each of our products.