Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sag Harbor Industries - Manufacturing Custom Coils

Coils are essential to the successful operation of most electronic and electromagnetic devices. Although we produce a variety of standard electric, encapsulated, field, modeled, self-supported, solenoid and varnished coils; we also offer custom coils to our customers. At Sag Harbor, we understand that there are thousands of unique applications across all industries. Each product requires a slightly different solution, and we manufacture custom coils to reflect that need. Custom coils are just part of our customer focused approach where we do everything in our ability to exceed expectations and manufacture high quality products. Our decades of industry experience have made Sag Harbor a trusted and respected coil manufacturer.

In recent years, we have expanded our support services to offer design and engineering. Rather than present you with blanket solutions, we will assess you needs and then develop a coil that meets the dimensions and electrical specifications of your final product. This level of customization prevents any compromise in quality; a reflection of our desire to always offer quality craftsmanship. All of our custom work is done in-house, which means customers benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of our advanced capabilities. Rather than outsourcing specialized steps in the coil manufacturing process, we can implement an efficient new manufacturing process for custom coils that draws on our many years of fabrication expertise.

Customers have utilized our custom coil manufacturing services to develop parts for use in applications like chemical immersion, jet engines, anti-corrosive coatings, space communications and more. What makes Sag Harbor unique among competitors is that we have a highly adaptable team of personnel with the right equipment to match their skills. Because of this, we can switch from one challenging project to the next, even if the specifications of the coil are unlike anything we have ever made before.

During the pre-production stage, we encourage our client’s engineers and design experts to be involved. Our own engineers are able to design coils based on specifications or concept drawings, but we value input from the outside so that we can design a product that is truly exceptional and meets the exact needs of your product or application.